Fresno Truck Line is maintaining strict adherence to all Federal and State requirements governing transportation. The company conducts safety meetings to provide ongoing trainings to our driving workforce. All of our new employees are put through different orientation programs which ensures that each employee is trained in how to handle their daily assignments in a safe and legal manner.

Fresno Truck Line’s first priority is safety and the goal of our Safe Driving Department is to prevent all types of accidents. To successfully accomplish this objective, we’ve created the following training and management programs:

  • Safety Meetings – Each month our Safety Department has meetings with drivers discussing how to prevent accidents. These safety meetings cover safety topics such as proper sight, speed and space techniques, how to approach curves and turns, and safe efficient ways to manage fatigue.
  • Post-Accident Retraining – When Fresno Truck Line drivers are involved in an accident, they are brought in to measure competency and to receive additional training to reduce future risk. After an accident, the driver is dispatched to our facility for a competency evaluation to assess the driver’s risk behaviors and provide hands-on training to correct poor performance.
  • Fatigue Management – Fatigue is the leading contributor to critical crash accidents. The objective of our Fatigue Management program is to prevent major accidents such as those caused by failing to yield, leaving the highway, rollovers and inattention.
  • Safety Orientation – This valuable presentation gives truck drivers comprehensive instruction for driving safely and familiarizes them with the various resources that are available to assist them. Classes help drivers become more familiar with the Safety Department including accident reporting procedures, accident evaluations, post-accident retraining, safety meeting attendance, safety bonuses.